Joe and I finished the book in the early 80's. Publishing was something of an adventure. The first snag was the title. I wanted to call it It is Always More Expensive When the Carpenter Types. The publisher, the now-extinct Lexington Press, said that was unacceptably frivolous. They insisted that we call it Government Oversight and Evaluability Assessment. We said that was unacceptably stupid. We compromised. We used the stupid title on the cover with the Carpenter line on the inside page. (By the time the book finally was published, both Joe and I had left The Urb).

Then there was the dog. In Chapter 5, to illustrate a point, I created a magnificent line drawing of a dog scratching his ear. No way, said the editor. Joe and I threatened to take the book to another publisher. Lexington backed down. But when the book came out we discovered that they had reduced that superb creation to less than an inch in diameter. Foo.

The book had a pretty good run in both the Federal Government and the various Schools of Public Administration and then tapered off as other fads overtook it. However it seems that the Planning and Management (and maybe even the Evaluation) parts are returning to vogue. Since the book and the publisher are out of print, the company that bought Lexington (Random House) allowed us to make it available for download.

Since I had left The Urb, I uploaded the book to my now-dissolved company's website (more about that later) where it was being downloaded about 80 times a month. I have no idea who's been downloading it or why. But since it is apparently useful to someone for something, here it is. (The formatting of the downloadable book may seem a bit eccentric. Dilettantes aren't known for attention to detail).
Government Oversight and Evaluability Assessment --more rationally known as It is Always More Expensive When the Carpenter Types.