Affordable Europe destinations

Save money on your next Eurotrip with these 12 cheapest holiday destinations

A trip to Europe can seem intimidating even for a frequent traveler. Ironically though, the cheaper European cities actually have lesser costs.

The City Costs Barometer 2019 by UK’s post office website reveals the cheapest places you can go to for a Eurotrip.

Costs count food, lodging, transportation and activities are all considered in the computation.

Here’s what a typical three day’s stay in these 12 cities may cost you:

12. Athens, Greece — $256.51 (£197.13)

The birthplace of Olympics sits at the 12th spot in the cheapest European cities.

An average three-course evening meal for two with a bottle of house wine costs $48.08, considering it is a classy restaurant.

There are also a lot of fascinating places to visit in Athens. There is Acropolis, Parthenon, and the temple of Olympian Zeus.

Snap a picture of Mount Olympus while you are there and show your friends what makes it so mythical to the Greeks.

11. Budapest, Hungary — $254.52 (£195.60)

If cheap coffee is not enough to lure you to Budapest, Think about the clear blue outdoor pool in the middle of the city.

There is also the Gellert Baths if indoor pools are your thing. Budapest is filled with castle-like buildings which blend well in the brightness of day.

Other places to visit are the Parliament Building, Heroes’ Square, and the house of terror.

10. Prague, Czech Republic — $247.48 (£190.19)

From the cheapest coffee in Budapest to the cheapest beer in Prague. Rejoice beer fans as a bottle only costs $1.65 (£1.26) in this city.

A 48-hour travel card for $6.51 (£4.96) lets you explore the whole city. Use it to visit the many astonishing gothic castles and cathedrals in the city.

A walk around Old Town Square makes it all worth it as well.

 8. Bratislava, Slovakia — $236.85 (£182.02)

The scenes in the cult classic film Hostel may probably played a role in Bratislava’s low costs. Just kidding.

Kidding aside, it only costs $2.06 (£1.57) to take you from the airport to the city center. Bratislava is like Prague except a little more modern in design.

Castles and cathedrals are also the main places to visit there. The city boasts a good nightlife just like in the Hostel film.

The film may be fictional but it won’t hurt being extra cautious on foreign soil right?

7. Riga, Latvia — $232.40 (£178.60)

One of the hardcore Eastern European nations, Latvia has some hidden gems. Case in point? The city of Riga.

Tourist attractions in Riga aren’t expensive to visit. For example, admission in Riga’s Dome Cathedral only costs $3.44 (£2.62).

Gothic-style architecture is also all over this city. Other places to visit are St. Peter’s church, Freedom Monument, and the Riga Central Market.

6. Porto, Portugal — $224.59 (£172.60)

Portugal’s largest city also happens to have the cheapest coffee. Porto has cheaper than Budapest at just $1.14 (£0.87) a cup on average.

Coffee isn’t only the selling point of Porto however. It’s low costs will be able to afford you a little bit of extension on your stay.

5. Bucharest, Romania — $218.27 (£167.74)

Budapest may rhyme with Bucharest but the latter happens to be the cheaper city.

Theodor Pallady Museum will only set you back $2.57 (£1.96). There is also Bucharest’s Old Town which is fascinating to visit whether day or night.

The country’s national museum can also be found in Bucharest.

4. Istanbul, Turkey — $217.08 (£166.83)

Often mistaken as Turkey’s capital, Istanbul is might get more attention due to it being on the country’s European side.

A two night stay at a three-star accommodation will only cost you $91.84 (£70). Not bad considering you will be roaming the city most of the day right?

3. Warsaw, Poland — $208.65 (£160.35)

The Polish capital sits at third in this list. Warsaw is a go-to for traveling wine enthusiasts because it only costs an average of $2.51 (£1.91) a glass.

The war-torn city has long recovered from the battles it became a center of. The city’s architecture is stunning.

Warsaw’s Old Town is a classic place to visit. There are also a number of museums scattered around the city.

2. Belgrade, Serbia — $197.23 (£151.57)

Belgrade is a nice place to visit during winter. The city looks like the North Pole during Christmas as it gets filled with lights and snow.

You might want to consider spending Christmas here given how significantly cheap costs are.

Tourist attractions include Belgrade’s Republic Square, Belgrade fortress, and the Nikola Tesla museum.

1. Vilnius, Lithuania — $191.73 (£147.35)

Number one on the list is Vilnius, Lithuania. Accommodation prices are the same as Istanbul at $91.84 (£70) for two nights.

Everything is cheaper in Vilnius than the rest on the list including food, local transit, and tour admissions.

Vilnius is also has its fair share of castles such as the Gediminas Castle Tower and the Trakai Island Castle.

Other places worth visiting are the Gate of Dawn, St. Anne’s Church, Vilnius Cathedral, and the National Museum of Lithuania.

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