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We began assembling these ThemeParks in December 1998 -- a winter which was very late in coming. The beautiful fall weather lasted well into December and we feared that everyone would forget what snow looked like. Therefore, we collected some 30 fine-art images of Winter scenes and loaded them onto our website.

It snowed immediately thereafter.

We had not intended to make this a serial production, but that particular ThemePark, with its lamentation for the missing snow looked -- how shall we put it -- stupid on the website while we were battling a blizzard. We quickly collected 30 fine-art images of children doing what children do, and replaced the Winter scenes with Kids.

And we've been at it ever since.

You can reach each of the ThemeParks by clicking on its title. The number after the title indicates where it appeared in the sequence. Where a parenthential number appears, that number indicates a further iteration of the original ThemePark. For example, Winter1 (2) indicates that Winter was the first ThemePark and, when Winter rolled around again, we replaced some of the images with others, and recycled it.

Some of the ThemeParks have been up for a long time and, given the ephemeral quality of URLs, some of the links may have disappeared by the time you read this. We hope you're not disappointed too often.


Kids 2(7)


Home and Family 4(7)

Wining and Dining 5(7)



Work 8(2)

Autumn 9 (13)

School 10 (4)

Country 11(4)

Dance 12(5)

Animals 13(4)

Transportation 14(5)

Urban 15(7)

Sports & Games16

Water 17

Conversation 18 (7)

Religion 19(5)

Buildings 20(6)

Women Alone 21 (6)

Commerce 22(4)

Town 23 (4)

Reading 24 (2)

Regional Art 25(1)